Posted on: March 16, 2009 9:05 pm

Cutler traded for...


What avalable QB is better than Cutler?

Which team is willing to trade there starter for Cutler.  I don't see many making offers.   If Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is unable to get McDanials and Ja y Cutler on the same page Denver is in trouble.  Jay Cutler is only 25, he started in his first season.  I believe Shannahan jumped the gun putting Cutler in so early.  He must have been thinking that Denver has won with Jake Plummer why not plug in Cutler and see if it will work.  Chris Simms is not a starter.  Cutler has asked for a trade.  When he announced that it sealed the deal that he and McDanials can not see eye to eye.  McDanials is the coach but he has torn this team apart, not notifying Cutler of the trade offer before it got public. 

John Clayton has reported only 3 deals worth listening to:

Cutler for Brady Quinn and a 3rd round Draft pick

Cutler for Jake Delhome

Cutler to Lions for 1st pick or Calvin Johnson

Trading Cutler for Brady Quinn and a 3rd rounder is the only way denver could have a chance at a winning season.  I don't see Denver winning with out Cutler this season. 

 If McDanials could have kept Denvers offence the same with a healthy running back and the improvements he has already made on the Defence, Denver may have had a playoff chance in 2009.  With out Cutler Denver has been set back 3 years.


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Posted on: February 6, 2009 6:48 pm

Ray Lewis to Denver

Pat Bowlen- PLEASE spend the Money- This team is in need of a great Defensive leader. 

Denver needs a vocal leader on D.  If Lewis goes to the Jets, Peppers would be a great  addition.

Do you thing one great vocal leader can fix the problems in Denver???

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Posted on: January 12, 2009 9:09 pm

2009--Mile High version of Earth, Wind and Fire

Look for the Broncos to start the West Coast version of the Giants Offence.

Hillis, Torrian, and the third?( Pick one of the remaining 5 that were on IR)  This should set up the play action, just like when T.D. was in the back field. 

The D will have a rebuilding year maybe 2.  Thank God they are in what has become the weakest divisions in the NFL.   They should be trading draft picks for experienced D players.   Adding John Lynch as a Defensive backs coach would be a great addition.  I hope the do not bring in Romo for any coaching position. 

 Denver has one of the youngest offencive units in the NFL.  Cutler, Marshall, Royal, Hillis, Torrian, Sheffler, Clady, Cutler having the most playing time with only 2 and one half years.   They now have the youngest head coach at only 32 and Jeremy Bates (last years QB coach, and in my opinion he should be this years offencive quardnater)  who is younger than the coach

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